NA LCS Playoffs and Predictions

Blog Segment - Entertain Me..

Here’s my first experiment in smaller, more focused blog posts. I hope it works out well.

So this one is for those of you who follow the North American League Championship Series(LCS). Doing predictions when I am doing them is perhaps a bit… silly…. We’re already in the semifinals, and Cloud 9 and Liquid are fighting it out, so it comes a liiiiiitle bit late (I’m experimenting with scheduled posts). Despite that I want to throw out some last minute predictions that will make me look even sillier since they will be coming out after at least one series is over.

But first, a few small thoughts on the previous match-ups! Continue reading

A Wedding and some Gaming, a Returning and a Parting

I’m making no bones about it. It has been AGES since I last posted. And I have excuses! Boy do I have excuses, let me list them: Wedding, Honeymoon, Moving in/out,Student Teaching, The Holidays, etc. It’s not like they took up all of my time, but they jammed it packed. And posting about the wedding was a little daunting to me because I wanted to give it justice, but time kept slipping away and…. *sigh*

The fact is, these excuses are not really good enough. It’s time to get my lazy butt back to work, so here is my first new post. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover, of course, but I won’t be going into depth about everything. No need to recount the holidays. No need to look back on the year that was. I’m going to keep it breif-ish, though who knows how long it’ll get once I get to the personal stuff, so let’s get started, eh?


So when I say I haven’t blogged in a while, it was actually sort of a lie. I’ve actually kept up blogging through my reviews, which I know doesn’t really count for readersof these posts as much, but hey! I’ll take my bonus points where I can get them. All of my recent reviews have been on video games, which is something of a shame, seeing as how I saw some movies I would have liked to review as well (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes 2 being the most notable of these.) But for those of you who live life on the gaming sie, you migth be interested in my reviews of ICO (from the HD PS3 collection), To the Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. It has definitely been a good year for games.

Of course, that’s not all I’ve been playing. League of Legends is something of a habit. Of course that’s largely because it’s one of the main ways I hang out with my friends. But lately there have been some lousy bits that has discouraged me in my time with the game. First off is the fact that two of my friends are more or less tired of it and want to play other things. Now this isn’t so bad, but finding those other things that we all enjoy on a regular basis is difficult. I’m not really an MMO guy, for instance, and the only one I want to try out (Star Wars: The Old Republic) is a monthly payment, which is blah for everyone. I’m kinda hoping the recently announced new additions to the Co-op versus AI mode in League of Legends will draw those friends back. Even if for a little while.

The other major drawback though is that Riot has more or less nerfed Jax a whole lot in the recent rework.

Poor little Jax

It’s not that his new kit an’t do a lot of damage. Goodness yes it can. Pop that steroid ulti and Surge, leap in and clean some clocks. … For six seconds. And if you didn’t already die in those six seconds, you’re pretty much screwed once the buff is gone. The main issue is Jax’s survivability. He has no health bonus, no magic resist and no armor without seriously adjusting his build to practically remove his damage output. I’ve been experimenting with some builds, and I’m getting better results than I’ve feared, but there’s no escaping that Jax just isn’t as viable as he used to be. He’s so item dependent now it isn’t even funny.

And that’s not even taking into account the terrible construction of his Counter Strike ability. The stun is almost worthless for the cooldown time, especially since using the ability telegraphs the oncoming stun 1.5 second before you can actually use it. Any self-respecting player can dodge the stun 75% of the time, and that 25% is because Jax used it before leap-strike, which negates the whole dodge mechanic’s use entirely. – Dyrus said it before, and it’s true. Jax’s kit is hypocritical. Is he an assassin? Is he a brawler? Both and neither. He simply isn’t good enough at either one, and two crappy halves don’t make a complete whole. He’s still playable at least, and I keep trying out new builds. Hopefully they fix some of these problems in the future.

Meanwhile I discovered a new mini passion for minecraft. Building on my single-player fortress was fun, and all, but it’s also lonely and boring at times. So when Scott invited me onto the PandemicCraft server as a villager in Westphalia, I thought it would be a neat way to give the game new life. And let me tell you, it’s working. Now that I have a community to live in, my scope has shrunk (no giant fortresses at the moment) but my artistry has grown. The house I’m building across two plots is going to be really cool when it’s completed. I feel like I own a part of a larger world, now. It’s sort of addicting. This tiny little outpost in the winter biome is steadily growing. There’s a town square. Houses, and an Inn. And somewhere out there is an Empire that is pressuring other settlements to join with them. Thankfully our Baron is tough in the face of such pressures. We Westphalians live free out in the wilderness. ^_^

Part of what makes it all worthwhile is the economy system, where people actually do own pieces of the town, and these towns can expand. And people have jobs and specialties. The Innkeeper and his assistant actually grow food, buy meat off of hunters, and sell it to the villagers and travelers at low cost. It’s fascinating and fun. I think the system needs some expansion, though. It’s far too easy to become rich, with little to show for it. I don’t know if the server’s mod can be modded further or not, but it seems like cool things could be done with it.

Well, I’ve been yammering on about what I’ve been enjoying lately, so let’s take a detour into some less pleasant waters…


Of course, less pleasant waters doesn’t mean it can’t be funny at the same time. How about those Republican Primaries, eh?

I tell you, watching this circus has been at least as fun as it is depressing, which makes it ok in my book. I mean seriously, these are the nominees? THESE are the nominees? The idea of any of them as president is stomach churning. Even Ron Paul, who at least is the most honest and least-politically corrupt of them all, would be a terrible president. Romney would be predictable, boring, and dangerous in his own right, but could you imagine Newt Gingrich as president?

Oh my sweet lord. The question would be whether we bomb Iran right after the inauguration, or if we wait a day. Don’t get me started on Santorum.

Of course Obama hasn’t been a particularly good president either, but at least he’s a little more inclined to do what’s right than these jokers. And that’s really all I have to say for now. Until the end of this, I think I’ll just buckle up for the roller coaster ride and hope there’s a smooth stop at the end, and not an abyss.

Abysses aren’t fun.

Which is why, thankfully, the internet was able to keep us from jumping into another kind of Abyss entirely. The SOPA and PIPA legislation are currently falling apart (woo-hoo!) Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t come back in some sort of new and deadlier form. (Why is it that legislation acts so suspiciously like Final Fantasy boss fights?) It was pretty cool to see so many internet powerhouses throw their weight against the bill, though. I guess sometimes the people can win. Fancy that.

But that’s enough of the entertainment an the political, let’s move on to the personal…


I’m married guys! 😀

Of course I have been for 3 or so months now, and should have said something on here sooner, but let’s not dwell on that…
While this topic deserves a full on recounting with details, descriptions, emotions, chronology, etc. I think I’d rather keep it simple and say it was a beautiful wedding. And I had a top-hat!
I plan on putting up a picture gallery eventually, but that will take more time, unfortunately. Until then I will leave you with two things. The first is our vows to each other. Me and Katie wrote them out (though I must admit I wrote most of it with her input >.> ) and we alternated speaking the different lines to each other. It worked out wonderfully. The second thing is a picture of the little wedding-decoration place we mad in our Duplex. It’s not finished yet (we’ve got to get a picture to put in the frame) but I think it’s already very nice.

Our Vows –

From all the times together, thick and thin,
We found a bond in our joys and rest.
The grand adventures shared through paper, pen
And dice, or pages turned, or buttons pressed
Were just the start. Beneath the fun and play
was deeper love. A love that waits beside
Your sick bed; Love for which we pine and pray.
A love that age and death cannot divide.
This love’s worth more than worldly wealth, or woe
Its lack may bring. May God look on this love
And smile, as when he sparked all life to grow,
Or when he woke the galaxies above.
My hand’s outstretched to you and my heart’s doors
Are wide. All I have, all I hold, are yours.

I, Edward Lee Cheever II, and I, Katie Michelle Guth, in front of family and friends, before God and man, do pledge myself to you.

This is how we read them:

Me: From all the times together, thick and thin, we found a bond in our joys and rest.
Katie: The grand adventures shared through paper, pen and dice, or pages turned, or buttons pressed were just the start.
Me: Beneath the fun and play was deeper love.
Katie: A love that waits beside your sick bed;
Me: Love for which we pine and pray.
Katie: A love that age and death cannot divide.
Me: This love’s worth more than worldly wealth, or woe its lack may bring.
Katie: May God look on this love and smile,
Me: as when he sparked all life to grow,
Katie: Or when he woke the galaxies above.
Me: My hand’s outstretched to you and my heart’s doors are wide.
Katie: All I have, all I hold, are yours.
Me: I, Edward Lee Cheever II,
Katie: and I, Katie Michelle Guth,
Me: in front of family and friends,
Katie: before God and man,
Both: do pledge myself to you.

Married life has pretty much been great, as well. Of course there are the little things, like chores and such that things can get tense over, but otherwise, living with the person I love the most, whom I can both have fun with and be serious with, has been wonderful.

Settling into the duplex has been a process of course. As has mashing two lives together. Finances are particularly… fun… But we’ve got some of it sorted out now. Still lots to do, of course, but when isn’t there? Job-wise I haven’t been doing the serious job-hunt that I probably need to do. Part of my hang-ups are all around the certification test I’m supposed to take at some nebulous time in the future. At least I FINALLY got some information abut it out of the education department and I can start preparing for it (by the way, could this material be any more dull and lifeless? Or useless for that matter? I think the people behind this live in a fantasy world somewhere between Mathland and MotivationalSpeakervania.

In any case, I still have my job as a writing tutor, which I am very thankful for, and I’ve been doing a rather lot of substitute teaching over at CTA. So finances are better than they otherwise would be if I didn’t have a job. I think the bills would really start eating away at us if not for that promise of my soon-coming paychecks and Katie’s recent raises and long hours.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to segue into this final topic, but I really can’t think of one. It’s much like asking the question, “When is the best time to hear the news of a death?” There isn’t one. No time is ripe, and no segue can ease the issue.

My friend, Jarret Wade, is dead. He died of cancer some time ago, now. I’m honestly not entirely sure because time seems to flow so swiftly. Has it really been a week and a half?

To say I knew a lot about him would actually be a lie. I didn’t know his family, I didn’t delve into his personal life much, and we only really interacted at school. And yet I have little hesitation to say he was a great friend. Part of that, I believe, is because there was nothing about him that wasn’t genuine, and completely open and honest. He was completely himself at all times. A few conversations would be all it would take before you felt like you knew him for life. Like he was a friend from your earliest days.

So unlike other acquaintances I’ve known who have died, I felt a real shock at the news. I learned about it early in the day during a time I was substitute teaching at CTA, and it was difficult not to break down when I would mention him during prayer requests at the start of every class period. My voice would falter, and I can only imagine how red my eyes grew over time, holding back tears that blurred my vision.

I knew it was coming of course. We’ve all known for some time of the cancer that was eating away at him. I last spoke with him over the phone while on my honeymoon. We were in Seattle, and though he said he would call, and show off his beloved home city to us, we never heard from him. I called him up to see how he was doing, and he had just gone through another serious treatment. He didn’t sound good, then. He apologized for not being able to show us around. Of course I said it was nothing, and that his health was more important. He said he’d make a trip down to visit Keene soon. That he looked forward to seeing us all again, and to meeting my wife.

It was a trip he would never make. And while I know that there was no real way I would have been able to, I constantly think that I should have made time to go see him again while I was there…

I’m not the poet I once was. I have a tendency to write them far less than before, and I usually make them boring and emotionless for trying to make them structured or fancy. But occasionally, something happens that gets that emotion stirring again. It’s not the greatest poem I’ve ever written, but I feel like It has my heart in it. Here’s to you, my brother, Jarret Wade.


I see the rain on the western shoreline
Pouring into a hole that never fills.
I know the shadows of those blackened clouds.
I know the brim of that endless cold cup.

Like the echo of a distant tempest,
The strong vibrations of thunder long since
The blinding light of the lightning strike,
Your going shook me, and my earth stilled.

Till the trumpets ring from the mountain tops,
Till the silvered bells toll at sea.
Till the bright cloud comes from the east.
Till then, rest ‘neath the trees.

You found the deepest roots of all our hearts.
You could see their dark gnarls, their twists, their cramps.
You always knew how to water them,
With smiles, and hugs, and conversation.

The world was not a stranger to you.
It was a lonely friend in desperate need.
Not an unknown mist of vague statistics,
But a painting of minds, faces and eyes.

Till the trumpets ring from the mountain tops,
Till the silvered bells toll at sea.
Till the bright cloud comes from the east.
Till then, God holds Grave’s Key.

His hand hovers over the sepulcher
Holding out that golden metal Work,
Trembling with desperate impatience to swing
Wide those black and silent gates that stand closed.

And past that unknown date, what triumph waits?
A son of heaven comes home! You will ride
His chariot, And wear a crown of gold,
bejeweled for lives you’ve touched. A friend of God.

Then the trumpets ring from the mountain tops,
The silvered bells toll at sea.
The bright cloud comes from the east.
And then, at last, be free.

For now, there are dark clouds out to the west.
No rain, no tears, no grief, can fill torn hearts.
You lit so many candles on your way,
You left your light in all of us.

Edward L. Cheever II

Sorry to leave it on such a low note, everyone. But sometimes, the world gets serious. And laughter is a little far away. Good-bye, friends. I hope to have you here again soon.

Women Play League of Legends in Pakistan With Global Warming

Don't I Wish My Days Were Stuffed With Relaxing

It’s amazing how much STUFF has been packed into the past few weeks. How much things change. How fast they move forward. I’ve barely found time to breathe, much less write a blog post. Thankfully, I’ve found a spare minute or two to put this thing together so, let’s get started shall we?


The amount of entertainment I’ve been able to consume has been cut drastically short lately for a variety of reasons which I will get to. However! This has not stopped me from enjoying certain elements of popular culture.

First of all, League of Legends continues to be my primary time-sink for my off-work hours. Not that I have a lot of time to sink, mind you. This is for the usual reasons of course. It’s one of the few times I can hang out with all my friends and do something that is usually fun. The game is as fantastic as ever. Yadda-Yadda.

But what it has really done to capture me lately is the introduction of the Dominion game mode beta. I rarely ever get a chance to try out this fantastic new mode, but my word how fantastic it is. It is blazing fast compared to your bread and butter Summoner’s Rift, with all sorts of nuances and strategies that are in their infancy stages. Right now every game is chaos. Players running in all directions, getting lost in the jungle, picking fights hey shouldn’t. It’s a good time to be a Jax player, like myself. Tanky DPS champions are kings of the hill right now.

Of course I’m hoping that as players grow more experienced with the mode, and as complex team strategies and maneuvers develop, the dominance of the Tanky DPS will lessen and go back to merely carrying like normal. The most shows tons of promise, and most importantly it is FUN. I just can’t wait till I can play it any time.

In other news, Minecraft has been grabbing what time I don’t give to League of Legends. My stronghold gets more stronghold-y every day, and I’m looking forward to going and exploring the world around me when I’m done. Or mostly done. You’re never really all done in Minecraft.

As for Doctor Who, we’ve caught up to the most recent episode and we’re having to wait week to week for the new ones to come out. I’ve grown so accustomed to marathon television shows that these week long gaps are especially painful. Otherwise, we’re enjoying it as much as ever.

On a side note, there’s a rather funny and interesting article on Doctor Who mania over at right now that draws some fascinating parallels and differences between the Doctor and the concept of a god (or rather “God”). At the very least, it’s an interesting read.


There are so many things to commentate upon in politics. I could talk about how ridiculous the Republican debates are (and if you’re watching the debates without simultaneously following the commentary tweets by @RepublicanDalek and @ASupremeDalek then you just aren’t doing it right). Etc. Etc. But I’m going to focus a little on foreign relations and politics for a moment.

First on the docket is King Abdullah, of Saudi Arabia, giving women the right to vote and run in local elections. Now, let’s make no mistake, this isn’t some sweeping change in the fortunes of Women in that country. If I’m not mistaken, they are still not alowed to drive. But this still represents a solid step in the right direction. The Arabian Spring has provided many people of the Middle East with new opportunities, and Women in this, one of the most conservative countries in the region, have gained some valuable ground. I applaud the king for being as revolutionary as he is, even if his government won’t let certain reforms through (Seriously? Driving?).

In other news, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has called for consideration of military action against Pakistan. The argument goes that the terroristic attacks on American troops in Afghanistan is being funded and aided by the Pakistani government directly. As these are hostile action, hostility is the best response.

This is ridiculous. For a number of reasons.
1. Unsubstantiated ideas concerning the military power and actions of foreign nations is what got us in this Middle-Eastern mess in the first place.
2. Your best plan to get Pakistan to stop killing American troops (if this is even happening at half the scale that is being assumed) is to send more troops over to get shot? Good job Einstein.

Good news, guys! We've got a new plan to stop the violence! Shoot more people! 😀

3. You really think you’ll get support for this when everyone is appalled at shooting a couple missiles into Libya in a genuine attempt to help a rebellion against a vilified power, not to mention get American interests in the region (oil) back up and running again? What, do you know a guy who knows a guy who likes the idea?
4. Hurray for more government spending? – You’re more than happy with the idea of Government size and power when it comes to killing people, but helping people… oh no. oh NO nono!

I really have nothing more to say about that. I frankly see this being burred soon and never being heard of again *knocks on wood*.

Finally, and probably most controversially, the attempt for Pakistanis to gain their own independent state. Needless to say, the bold steps being taken in the UN right now are popular amongst the Pakistanis, and needless to say, it’s not popular in Israel or in America.

I say controversial because I think I’m coming down on the side of the Pakistanis. Israel has ever right to exist and defend itself after some fifty years of existence. I am not suggesting otherwise. But we are hypocrites to say that self-determination is a good, noble thing to desire, and then deny this to the Pakistani people. I think that concessions should be made on both sides to achieve this. Perhaps not all of the land that Pakistan wants should be given (I know there are concerns about opening up Israel’s heartland to artillery range from the border). I also think that it is right and proper to let the Pakistanis have their land for themselves. Surely there is a middle ground in there somewhere.

Of course this will not happen. At least not for a long time. Hostilities are far from ending in the land of Abraham’s descendants.

Now, on to my latest bog section…


This section will be dedicated to any scientific articles that I find the urge to comment upon, or social issues that are more or less dominated by the science that inspires it.
Oh, and I’ll probably talk a lot about Robots and Lasers too.

But the introductory topic and article I’m going to focus on today is This One Over at the Associated Press About America’s Allergy to Global Warming.
I have long felt that I needed to see more proof that Global Warming was real before I made up my mind. I always stood by my decision that the reason why we should care for the environment was because we should want to keep the planet beautiful, and if that also kept us from disaster, then great! But this reasoning isn’t enough and never will be enough for oil barons and other captains of industry who simply won’t be able to ad another level to their Scrooge McDuck Money Bin if they don’t keep the profits rising, so screw the environment.

I find that I can’t just sit in my comfortable “keep nature beautiful” mindset anymore. It’s not a motivation for most people. And this is becoming serious. I’m convinced of Global Warming.

Two of these things are looking pretty familiar right about now.

It’s not the record setting number of days with hundred-degree weather. It’s not the momentary discomfort of a too-warm backside on my car’s leather seats. No. It’s the statistics of the greater whole. Even taking into account the cyclical nature of the world, the changes in temperature are too swift and too convenient (post industrial revolution). On top of that, 98% of climatologists are on board with this. 98%! That kind of consensus is ridiculous in the scientific world. Sure, I’ll concede that the majority of the scientific world has been proven wrong before. It might even happen again. But we have no reason to ASSUME that they are wrong. And we certainly have no reason to assume that 98% of climatologists are on some sort of quest for money in some scheme (that makes no sense if you think about it – who would be paying thee people?).

So I think we should take this as seriously as life and death. If they are wrong, what’s the worst that could happen? That we live in a prettier, less polluted world? Oh the horror!

Now, I was going to move on to talk about personal stuff, but I think I’ll save that for another time, when I have more information about what is coming up. Instead I’m going to finish off with a story that I find perfectly hysterical.


So apparently Nicholas Cage was, at some point in the past, woken up by a mostly-naked man with a fudgesicle. There really is no better way for me to put it. Apparently the man was mentally ill, and somehow found his way into Cage’s house, bedroom, and closet, where he took Cage’s leather jacket. He promptly wore it while eating a fudgesicle by the side of Cage’s bed.
That would have been terrifying.

Though I'm not sure who felt more terrified, now that I think about it...

I can understand why Cage moved away from that house. I wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly again.

And on that note, it’s time I left you for today. There’s a lot of stuff to do yet. Have a great one, everybody!

Edward L. Cheever II

The Doctor Teaches League of Legends on the Frontier

*Whew!* Pardon me while I rest a minute *pant*pant*… I feel like I’ve been just running and running these past few weeks. I’ve not gotten near enough sleep, and the responsibilities are starting to stack up. I’ve been pretty busy lately, no joke. We’ll get to the reasons why, but first I want to revel in the fact that I’ve finally found a quiet moment by talking up some entertainments. Let’s get started, shall we?


Despite all how busy I’ve been lately, I’ve managed to fill in the small times and breaks with a good amount of interesting media, etc. If you’ve been paying attention to my reviews blog, you’ve known that I’ve been going through a pretty serious reading kick lately, and let me tell you, it’s good to have my nose back between a couple sheets of slaughtered and processed forestry.

You know… in a less environmentally morbid sort of way…

But I say all that to introduce my latest book review, in which I cover “Coyote Frontier,” the third book in the Coyote trilogy by Allen Steele. I won’t spoil my own review here, so go read it. 🙂 I will say, however, that I would recommend the series so far to fans of science fiction literature with relatively few reservations.


Now on to less review-y stuff. If you follow comic-book movie news at all, you’re probably aware of a Superman reboot film coming soon-ish. Now, when I say “reboot” I’m not even sure what that means myself, except that this film does not take place in the Donner film universe like “Superman Returns” did. As much as I love the Donner original and its sequel, I think this is an absolutely necessary move. We need an updated Supes, with the same values but a new, relevant sheen.

My caveat here is that the film is directed by Zack Snyder. This could be either a good or a terrible thing. “300” was fun, if utterly brainless, and “Watchmen” was a triumph of comic adaptation, though not entirely a triumph of cinematic storytelling, so he can do good work when he’s given source material.

But Snyder also directed (and wrote I think – if you call it writing) “Sucker-Punch.” I despise “Sucker-Punch.” Aside from the neat visuals, that film is a travesty. It called into question a lot of the good will I had given Snyder for his work on “300” and “Watchmen” (especially “Watchmen”). We shall see.

On the positive side, I’m down with the new costume, which feels more like a suit, and less like a Halloween costume, which is easy to do with superhero outfits. The only issue I have is also only an issue to ½ or so of the audience. That is, the obvious bulge. I bring this up because, well… it’s just so obvious. I mean, it was the first thing Katie commented about when she saw the costume, and I suspect she holds back on calling out things she likes on a lot of hot actors and so forth to protect my wee little mind about such things (lol). It’s impossible not to see it.

Whatevs. On to new topics.

Ever since I started watching, my love for Doctor Who has known no bounds. I want the merchandises nowplease. When I build my future house one day, the door is going to look like the doors of the TARDIS and I am NOT even kidding. I can’t wait for people to hear the doorbell.

So you can imagine my sadness at the changing of the guard. That is, the departure of David Tennet as the Doctor in favor of Matt Smith. This is as bad as my depression over the first change, when Christopher Eccleston switched out for Tennet. Of course, I think that that first switch was so powerful because that it was the first time it had happened to MY Doctor (you never forget your first), and Tennet’s was more powerfully set-up, if perhaps bordering on melodramatic (but when you’re in the moment, melodrama is wonderful). That one last time seeing Rose, especially inferring the Doctor’s feelings for her, was really sad, and they really couldn’t have had him see anyone else last.

It will no-doubt take some time for me to warm up to Matt Smith. It took me some time to get used to Tennet, too. But I’m hopeful that I’ll grow to like him as much. (Some hard-core Doctor Who fans have said that they have actually ended up liking Smith’s Doctor the best, which has me intrigued.)

There is reason yet to hope.

Anywho… (ha! Get it?)

So when I’m not watching Doctor Who with Katie, we’re playing League of Legends again. As long as I keep my cool, and treat it as the game it is, I tend to have a ton of fun. I mean the same kind of fun that got me addicted in the first place. A lot of the new champions are interesting too, even if I don’t really “get” some of them (a.k.a. I’m bad at them – I’m looking at you, Skarner), others are terrific. Being a Jax player, it seems inevitable that I would gravitate towards the Monkey King and Lee Sin, both of whom have abilities similar to Jax’s jump. I’m not as good with either (I don’t even own them yet. Too much IP cost) but I enjoy playing them.

Jax fixing his lamp-post after bashing it into people's faces.

Veigar, meanwhile, seems to be the champ I’m still best at, and that’s fine with me. He’s loads of fun. But man, he needs a legendary skin. Also, with all these new Champs coming out, it’s a little sad to me that there aren’t really any new mages. At least one new one would be nice to experiment with. They manage to come up with all sorts of clever ideas for physical damage champs, and you’d think that magic would lend itself to all sorts of crazy ideas, but they don’ go for it much.


In other news, I’ve not been able to find enough free time to work on D&D for a couple weeks now. When I’m not doing something with Katie, I’m at work, or I don’t have enough time to sit down and work on it when I do find myself alone (thus my reading).I’m hoping to start working on it right after this blog post, but… well, you know how it goes.

It sounds like I just consume tons of media (and I kinda do) but the majority of my time is being absorbed in quite different ways…


…to be specific, I mean student teaching. Waking up at 6 a.m. Every morning is a real killer. I mean sure, lots of people do that every day, but I am not a morning person. Not by a long shot. Night-time is my time. That, combined with an inability to get to sleep any earlier than 1 a.m. most nights means that I am also dead on my feet starting at about the second I get home from school.

I plan on working on that, however. I want to get my bed-time to at least midnight, and 11 o’clock would be ideal. With some extra time asleep, I could use my afternoons more wisely, or at least more fully.

Until then... I'll just... take a little... ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz....

But the sleep thing is peripheral to the work itself. Come to find out, I really enjoy teaching. Well, I love certain aspects of it anyway. When I have a full docket of material, plenty of things to say, etc. It’s so much easier to stand in front of a class and get to it. Even better is when the class really gets into it too.

I tend to like my classrooms a little noisy. Not a din, where I don’t feel like I’m being heard, but where the entire class is participating, throwing out ideas, and talking about the material. Now don’t get me wrong, I like more sedate classes too. I’ve had a day, maybe two, where I felt like I couldn’t really get a firm hold of the situation, when the students were too hard to corral. But that has been rare so far, and I’m getting better at bringing them back down from a conversation explosion to get across my next point.

Interestingly enough, my nerves haven’t been the constant bother I had worried that they’d be. Every day gets a little easier to get in front of everyone and talk. Not to say I’m not swatting butterflies before each class period, but its a little more field-of-flowers than Monarch-migration.

Truth be told, I so far find it more engaging, satisfying, and less stressful than working as a reporter. Or perhaps I should say it’s more fun. (It also doesn’t suck the creativity out of me the way writing for the paper did.)

Of course, I’m only teaching one class so far, English II. I’ve still got to pick up World History (which I’m starting the week following next week, or the 12th) and English IV, which I don’t know when I’m picking up, but I’m hoping later rather than sooner. For whatever reason, I really like the Sophomore class, and the seniors are closer to my age, college age, which has some inexplicable bearing on the matter.

Oh, and the other English Teacher here is retiring at the end of the school year. I don’t know what my chances are of obtaining that job, but I think it’d be rather fantastic to work alongside Mr. Jones teaching English. I know I want to teach in a public school first to increase my chances of being hired anywhere later, but first and foremost I will go where the job is, and if it’s CTA, well, I won’t complain.

For those of you who are curious, the Wedding plans are coming along, if much more slowly than any of us would like. I’ve got some responsibilities and tasks to own up to, among them folding the invitations (yes we have them now, and yes they’re gorgeous.) with any luck, some of you will be seeing them before the end of next week.

I’ve also got to settle some elements of our Honeymoon, and I need to get in contact with Jarret Wade (you out there, man? I’ll be sending you an e-mail before long!) to figure out what sights we should do in Seattle and the Washington area. That should be fun. ^_^

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today! Have a great one, everybody,

– Edward L. Cheever II

Thor is Hiring Writers in the League of Legends

It has been what feels like ages since I last wrote on my poor lonely blog. Not that I don’t have reasons mind, and I know what you’re thinking, “excuses, excuses…” and you’re right, I should have still found the time to post a tib-bit here or there. Well, here’s to a renewal, eh?

So what exactly have I been up to these past few weeks or so? Mostly, a new job. Yup, folks. I now have a real-world job. I’m still more or less on call for SWAU media, and I hope I’ll have time to help tutor in the Write Spot next semester, but for now I’m working as a staff writer at the Burleson Star, one of the star group newspapers who cover a bunch of cities in north Texas.

I cover the hardest hitting stories, my peeps.

I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the idea of getting out there and getting a real job. I suppose I always had visions of the world being a solidly ugly place where, once you left your comfort zone, you’d be lucky to land a job where everybody just ignored you, and if you were unlucky you were surrounded by incompetent jerks.

Thankfully that is not the case. My boss is great to work with, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m being scrutinized for a deficiency in some vital area, as I have at a job or two on campus. I have some funny coworkers, and while they aren’t the type I really care to hang out with all the time, they’re cool to work with. One guy even helped me find my way around on my first assignment. The only person I feel uncomfortable around in the entire building I don’t see often, and my interaction with him would be minimal anyway (he is way above me in hierarchy, for instance.)

In wind and foul weather!

The work itself is mostly in my wheelhouse. The writing part is more or less easy. Time consuming, sure, but not a challenge. The real challenge comes in attending events. Anybody who knows me off the internet knows I am an introvert around anyone who isn’t a friend of mine (and sometimes I’m introverted around them as well.) So, getting into the reporter mind-set, where you’ve got to sort of be a loud and obnoxious, push-to-the-front type of person, who isn’t afraid to jump into conversations and introduce yourself… well, I find that a tad difficult. I’m managing, of course, but it’s a learning experience.

It seems to require the same mental muscles I exercised when acting as Tartuffe in Tartuffe last year. I’m not sure what that says about the reporting business, or what it says about me. Maybe I don’t want to know? O.o

Aside from that, I’ve been utterly absorbed into League of Legends. and it is times like this when my mental faculties fail me, as I can’t remember if I’ve ever discussed my latest obsession here. Simply put, it’s a free-to-play mostly top-down strategy-like game that is centered around team competition. Each team has a base located in a corner of the map called a Nexus, and that Nexus is connected to a series of three lanes that lead around the map to the enemy’s base. Each team also has three massive towers that guard these lanes, and AI controlled waves of minions that spawn from the nexus and proceed up the lanes. The players control special hero units with special powers and abilities, and the heroes’ jobs are to turn the tide of the battle and push all the way to the opponent’s base and destroy the nexus.

It’s a simple game on the surface, but there are all sorts of nuances that are introduced by the differences between heroes, and the ways that items, purchased within each game, can affect the strengths of a hero. Trust me when I say that a newbie would be eaten alive by anybody of high level. Trying out heroes, and getting your item build just right, not to mention the adrenaline of competitive play, are extremely addicting. This, combined with long game times, means that much of my days are swallowed whole by this game.

I’m hoping to turn this around, however, and bring some balance back to the force by cutting back on my league of legends play so I can get back to reading some books I’ve borrowed, and hopefully even finish Red Dead Redemption (I’ve been stuck in Mexico forever, and yes, there are some striking issues with the storytelling and consistency of John Marston’s character in those sections.)

On top of that, I’ve really got to get my life in order so I can be ready for the Rough Writer’s summer challenge coming up in a few days.


Starting the 15th of May through the 15th of June all participants are going to try and write 45,000 words, or 1,500 words a day. I haven’t even put any thought into the outline of the rest of Jaine yet. *SIGH* The work is never done.

All in all, life has been pretty pleasant. I’ve even been able to go and see some pretty great movies as of late. In fact, I think I’ll finish today’s post with a link to my latest movie review.

Son of Odin, lightning it up.

This one is for Thor. Go read it, and have a great day, everybody. I’ll try to be back around more often.

– Edward L. Cheever II~