Planning for my Blog and a New Post Series

Hey everyone,

So, while I’ve revived my reviews site (look forward to a review of “The Stanley Parable” sometime soonish) my main site has remained fallow for some time. There are quite a few reasons for this. A lot of my previous material was either gushing over nerdy news or ranting about politics and religious topics. That’s fine and all, but so many other people already do that, often better than I. The Young Turks is a great source for news and political opinion that often (though not always) reflects my own. There is a mountain of entertainment news and opinion sites.

So what can I offer? My personal life is either too personal, or not exactly brimming with entertainment value, and my reviews site is where I give my opinions on the various things I like. So what’s left?

Well… I will be trying a couple of things.

Blog Segment - Entertain Me..

First off, I will try and do a short weekly “Entertain Me..nt” post about one thing that I find interesting, or something new I found that I think others might like. It could be anything entertainment related. It could be things I have or will review, or it might be things that I would never review. It could be a TV show, a board game, a figuring, a service, whatever.

Blog Segment - The Voters Booth copy

Secondly, and this is the big one, I will be writing something I’m tentatively calling “The Political Series.” This will not be a simple series of rants or anything like that. It will be something I’ve never done before. I will be laying out my own political ideas and philosophy and how it affects how I view the issues the United States is facing right now. I will also cover my thoughts on the 2016 Election to some degree.

This series will not be a grand, comprehensive treatise, or at least I’m not currently planning on it. A book could be written about each topic and I don’t have that kind of time, nor the inclination. Instead this will be a relatively short account of what I believe on an issue, why, and what sources I used to come to my conclusions. Some issues will be really short because I feel they are cut and dry and others will be long because of their complexity, their importance, or their controversy.

I am fully aware that this series could get me into hot water with a number of my relations and friends for a variety of reasons, but I feel that I’m done with being afraid of what others may think of my stances. If they don’t want me, they don’t have to ever spend time around me again, if they so choose. I hope they would simply choose to love me despite these differences, but we shall see what the landscape looks like.

My plans for this series, what topics I cover and when are all in flux and I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but below you can find my current slate.

These are the first few blogs I will write (as I currently plan for it):

  • My fundamental political values.
  • Defining our Terms
  • Rights
  • The Role of Government

From there, to hit while the iron is hot, I will cover the following 2016 election issues:

  • My thoughts on Bernie Sanders
  • My thoughts on Hillary Clinton
  • My thoughts on the Republican field (whoever is left at the time)

Then I will launch into topics one at a time. I’ve listed the ones I’ve thought of off the top of my head below in alphabetical order. If you see one you particularly want me to do, tell me in the comments and maybe I will move it up in my schedule. If you think of one I should cover but don’t have down, let me know so I can add it to my list.

  • Abortion (and to a much lesser degree, Planned Parenthood)
  • Black Lives Matter, Racism, and White Privilege 
  • Climate Change, Oil companies and Alternative sources of power.
  • The Confederate Flag, “Southern Heritage,” and “White Culture.”
  • Copyright (Generally) and YouTube Fair Use
  • Corruption and Corporate money in politics
  • Cuba
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • The Defense Budget, Fighting Terrorism and General Foreign Policy
  • Drug Policies
  • Education Policies
  • Education Costs and Economics
  • Euthanasia and the Right to Die
  • General Economics Policy
  • Gerrymandering and the intensification of political extremism in U.S. politics
  • Gun Control and other Gun Issues
  • “Entitled” Millennials and Economic Privilege 
  • Feminism and Gender roles
  • Fixing Congress
  • Gender/Transgender Issues
  • GMOs and the science behind what we do to our food.
  • Homosexuality and Marriage
  • Health Care (single-payer, welfare, paid sick-leave, etc.)
  • Immigration
  • Israel and U.S. relations
  • Justice System Reform
  • Muslims in America
  • National Parks
  • Net Neutrality
  • News Media
  • North Korea
  • NSA and Government Surveillance
  • Police Brutality and the Militarization of the Police
  • Political Correctness
  • Privacy Issues, especially digital privacy
  • Religious Freedom and the boundaries around it. / Separation of Church and State 
  • Sex Education and Contraceptives
  • Social Security
  • Syrian war
  • Syrian Refugees and America’s humanitarian role in the world
  • The Space Program
  • Taxation and Government spending
  • TPP and other international trade agreements
  • Unions
  • Vaccination and the role of Science in public policy
  • Voter ID laws and Voter Fraud
  • Wages (including the minimum or living wage, equal pay and unemployment)
  • White Collar Crime

Again, this is in flux. some things might be collapsed into others, some might expand into multiple posts, and I might have missed some (please let me know).

Obviously, this will keep me busy for a while, and I’m not guaranteeing a regular schedule. Some of these may come rapid fire, while others stew for long periods of time. If I think up anything else to do with my main blog here, I’ll post about it.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get around to Oscar predictions, who knows.

See you all later!

– Druidan

One thought on “Planning for my Blog and a New Post Series

  1. Edana Ülf says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Best of luck!

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