NA LCS Playoffs and Predictions

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Here’s my first experiment in smaller, more focused blog posts. I hope it works out well.

So this one is for those of you who follow the North American League Championship Series(LCS). Doing predictions when I am doing them is perhaps a bit… silly…. We’re already in the semifinals, and Cloud 9 and Liquid are fighting it out, so it comes a liiiiiitle bit late (I’m experimenting with scheduled posts). Despite that I want to throw out some last minute predictions that will make me look even sillier since they will be coming out after at least one series is over.

But first, a few small thoughts on the previous match-ups!

CLG vs Liquid (0-3)

For being a big TSM fan, I have a surprising amount of love for CLG. I have always wanted them to do well, and for a while there I truly believed in the Golden Age. True to form, however, CLG had a bit of a late-season meltdown and fell completely flat to the rising Liquid, another team I like.

I wouldn’t have predicted this outcome two or three weeks ago, but the last week before the games CLG just looked terrible. right before the series I wouldn’t have predicted a total stomp, but I did think CLG was going to loose. More disturbing, I felt that CLG felt that way too. That’s not the kind of thought you want bouncing around in the back of your mind going into a series like this. R.I.P. Golden Age. We’ll have to wait and see if and how many team members have to leave between now and the summer split, but I think we’ll end up seeing at least one gone, if not more. It might be worth talking about another time.

Gravity vs Impulse (1-3)

Another team I like goes down for the count. I like how weird and scrappy Gravity can play, and I like to root for the underdogs, and Cop and crew fit that bill really well. Unfortunately Team Impulse is looking really strong right now and were way too much for Gravity to handle.

I can’t stand Rush, by the way. He’s a great jungler, but I just don’t like him.

XiaoWeiXiao is a human teddy bear. I can’t hate him.

Still, down with Team Impulse.

And now for the predictions!

Team Liquid vs Cloud 9 (3-1)

I have the benefit (if you can call it that – C9 is my second favorite team) of being two games into this series right now while I make this prediction. Team Liquid is smashing C9 so far. Quas is amazing, Fenix is showing his deep champion pool and Piglet is doing well. Meanwhile C9 is loosing the early game really hard.

I still feel that C9 has a chance. I don’t count C9 out until they are all the way out. Still, I think Liquid is looking too strong right now, and I think C9 is looking out of sorts. I’m giving the next game to C9 because I BELIEEEEEEVE! But I think Liquid will take the series. That said, if C9 manages to take this to five games, C9 will win it.

Dear lord… – I just heard the Mic Check before game 2 from C9. they are way too depressed right now. I think this might just be a 3-0 stomp. =(

Team Solo Mid vs Team Impulse (3-2)

TSM! TSM! TSM! I think TSM can and will take this in the long run, but Impulse is too strong right now to not take games off TSM. Not only that, but Rush vs Santorin and Impact vs Dyrus is too good a matchup for Impulse to not take advantage of it. I feel that TSM can work around it in a series, but it will cost them.

If I had to predict which games TSM will lose to Impulse, I would say they will lose games 1 and 3. Game one is Impulses’ best chance for a win. TSM historically losses the first game of a series, and they may not be fully prepared to run their strats until they get their heads in the game.

No matter what happens, I feel that the chances of a 3-0 stomp from either side is ridiculously low, and would be a real shocker if it happened.

Potential Final – Team Solo Mid vs Team Liquid (3-1)

I feel that TSM matches up better against all of the other teams in the LCS than Impulse, and so I feel that even with Liquid looking stronger, I just don’t think they can win a series against TSM, who does such great preparation. If Liquid does better against TSM I feel it will be because of Quas. TSM has been leaving Dyrus to the wolves lately which is a bad strategy in the current meta (and I’m not a fan of it in any case as I am a top laner and Dyrus is my favorite player), and Dyrus sometimes struggles under pressure. If TSM stomps Liquid in a 3-0, it will be because Wild Turtle is having a great series. Wild Turtle has been a bit middle-of-the-pack in terms of NA adcs lately, making him a weak point. If he has a good game, however, it will take the pressure of of Bjergsen to carry everything and TSM will be able to take control comfortably.

That’s it for my comments and predictions!

What do you think? Comment below and let me know! Adios!

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